About Us

About Our Name

The Town Clock is located in the steeple of the First Reformed Church of New Brunswick. The steeple was begun in 1827 and completed in 1839. In 1828, the “town” of New Brunswick paid $500 to install a clock in the steeple. The Town Clock continues to be owned and operated by the city of New Brunswick and was recently converted to a digital clock to adjust to time changes automatically.

The Town Clock CDC used the Town Clock as inspiration for its name. Though contained within a house of worship, the Town Clock is owned by the community, the City of New Brunswick. The Town Clock CDC wishes to allow for more of the building space of the First Reformed Church to serve a community purpose.


Our Mission Statement

Town Clock CDC provides permanent, supportive and affordable homes to survivors of domestic violence and their children.


Our Project

Dina’s Dwellings is the Town Clock CDC’s main endeavor, a project which reconfigures the sanctuary of the First Reformed Church to provide ten affordable housing units for victims of domestic violence.